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Fair Sale

Kuku World (WORLD) is a Tax Free Fueling Token for the KUKU Eco-System.
Raised Profits through special sales will be used to further develop different Projects in the DeFi Crypto Space.
Holders of the WORLD token gain SPECIAL ACCESS to Multiple Online Services , Games, Movies, Discounts and many more Utilities.
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TradingView is a charting platform that offers market-analysis software to help you make informed trading decisions.

Daily Deals from different Online Stores. We research, you enjoy great Shopping Deals. Make sure to be a WORLD token holder.

Free Games for anyone to play that holds the WORLD token. No matter the age, enter now to explore different games.


Free Movies not subjected to Copyrights. Enjoy 1000+ Movies and TV Series by being a WORLD token holder.


Players can guess on the market movements of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Test your skills before trading live on Exchanges.


Looking to Travel, Rent a Car or book a Ticket to Events all over the World. Enter now and make use of super discounts.


KUKU WORLD is fueling the following projects


The Big Idea

Enter the Expansive World of KUKU. Swap, Stake & Shop on the Healthiest Decentralized Exchange, running on Binance Smart Chain.

Get Lucky

Experience the thrill of winning from anywhere and anytime with our Online Lottery. Win Big with every ticket you buy.

Shop Now

Bridging E-commerce with the Crypto World. The Largest Online Shop to pay with Crypto. Enjoy Discounts when paying with KUKU.



Step into the World of Gaming. Have more Fun in playing different Games and get a change to Win even more Crypto.



Building Utilities around a Collateralized Stable Token. Dig in and learn where you can use the amazing KUKU DOLLAR (DUKU).

KUKU Casino

Win Big

Bet Big, Win Bigger. Roll the dice on our crypto-rich Crypto Casino. Experience the future of gambling with KUKU CASINO.


An expansive Eco-system


Our Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is based on the same principals as the famous PancakeSwap (CAKE). Inspired by the renowned (CAKE), the team set out to create a DEX on BSC which aims to provide various products to enable constant user attraction. Enjoy ease of mind knowing our DEX has the best Security Available. The Binance Smart Chain network is appraised globally for it’s outstanding Blockchain Technology and Security.



Our whitepaper is a gitbook that provides detailed explanation of our products, technology and concept. It describes the problem we are trying to solve, the proposed solution, the technology behind the solution, the team behind the project, the planned use of funds, and the roadmap for the development of the project.
KUKU WIKI provides the foundation of our project and is easy to understand for non-technical readers.


The KUKU token is a Hyper Deflationary Rewards Token Running on Binance Smart Chain BEP-20. It is the First Official Listed Cryptocurrency (token) from Suriname, that was inspired by the famous PancakeSwap (CAKE). It’s most unique feature is the token’s utility as a payment method on our own e-commerce platform; KUKU SHOP.

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As a KUKU Holder you can stake your KUKU Tokens to earn more KUKU. Our Masterchef is funded with at least 25% of the total tokens minted. This ensures that our staking smartcontract is well funded and locked for a long term period (40+ years). Enjoy ease of mind with flexible withdraws, high APR and auto compounding.


Start Selling your own or Affiliate Products on our Online Shop. Pick for example products from and Resell those products on our Webshop, with the extra option of Paying with Crypto.


Choose from 100+ different Digital Gift Cards such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple and many more for the US & International Public. Pay with KUKU and enjoy Discounts up to 50%.

Payment Methods

Choose from different Payment Methods such as Binance Pay, Paypal, UnionPay, American Express, Mastercard or Visa. Secure and Easy check-out with Multiple Established Payment Gateways.

Future Plans

Upcoming Utilities

About Us

A proud product of suriname

Team Work

Committed and Creative


“Empowering DeFi with our Expansive Eco-system”


Located in USA and Suriname

Who We Are

panKUKU was founded in November 2021 by Nigel Hupsel from Paramaribo, Suriname. He is also the CEO of panKUKU LLC, based in Wyoming USA. The main team is located in Paramaribo, Suriname and there are several sub teams located in USA, India and The Netherlands.
Our core team consists of entrepreneurs that are very active in different branches in the Economy.

Our Vision

Is creating an everlasting crypto Eco-System by delivering and ensuring Trust, Dedication & Quality.
We aim to provide a Structural Social-Economic Environment through a legitimate Payment & Charity System in Suriname and the Region. Furthermore contributing to Crypto Awareness and pushing the boundaries of cryptocurrencies as a Payment option in-Store and Online.

Our Mission

Continuous Improvement

To be the Biggest and most Secure Decentralized Crypto Exchange.

Give back

To create the Largest Charity Foundation in Suriname.

Crypto Education

To contribute to Crypto Awareness in Suriname and the Region

Media Mentions

reaching the general public

Because of our dedication to continuously expand our Eco-system and Utilities, we will be considered the largest DEX on the market.

KUKU SHOP is a fully-featured Crypto drop-shipping-Service, that currently accepts USDT, BUSD, and KUKU BEP20 tokens.

panKUKU is A revolutionary project that features top-notch products and services. It is reliable, profitable and well built.

The KUKU Team is dedicated towards the project and therefore working to bring more utility to an expansive


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